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New Arrivals

  • "Although a novice triathlete, I am constantly checking out and  testing gear looking for the best in quality, style, and comfort. When it comes to the clothing line, the family at 4Thirteen has it! Last season, 4Thirteen's tri top and short served me well from super sprints all the way up to the 70.3 distance. In the past, I have had trouble with chaffing. 4Thirteen's tri short and top feel seemless with great breathability.  They allowed me to go for hours without worrying about carrying anti-chaffing creams. The padding in the shorts is light weight and durable--allowing for a comfortable swim and transition into the bike. 4Thirteen's style is second to none and casual wear is a great addition. Thank you to the family at 4Thirteen for a great 2013 season. I look forward to what 4Thirteen has to offer in the future. Bring on the 2014 season!"
    Jeff in Florida
  • "4Thirteen race clothing was the most comfortable I’ve ever raced in.  Having competed in Ironman triathlons for years, this new product line provided extra comfort on the bike with no chaffing at all.  I did not even use Body Glide!  Also, coming out of the swim with my 4Thirteen clothing on beneath my wetsuit, I had no issues with getting on the bike while with wet clothing.  When I transitioned to the run, I found the clothing to breath nicely and feel extremely light.  Again, no chaffing on the run at all.  I’m convinced that my new 4Thirteen race gear helped me achieve my career best Ironman time!"
    Paul from Austin, TX


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