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About 4Thirteen

Start. Surrender. Soar.
You start by setting a goal. You train. And train. And train. You arrive at your event. All of the hours and focus you’ve put in are now put to the test. Athletes are often told to dig deep, and in the middle of a race find themselves pushing harder than ever before. Strength from training is certainly there, but they often find something more – something beyond themselves. It’s in the surrender, the letting go, that full potential is achieved. They’ve come to the edge of what was known as possible, and that is where we find our wings and soar to unknown and unimagined heights.
At 4Thirteen Sports, we honor the commitment and dedication exhibited by endurance athletes. Our company strives to bring inspiration and reminders of the spirit of true success – the time spent preparing, and discovering that source of inspiration that carries you when you are ready to give in.